Palm Beach Community College

Solar Eclipse Expedition 1 Team

John W. Berryman Professor John W. Berryman

Is the Program Leader in Physics at Palm Beach Community College in Lake Worth, Florida. He holds a B.S. in Physics from the University of South Florida and a M.S. in Physics from the University of Tennessee. His graduate work at Oak Ridge National Laboratories focussed on electron-electron interactions in field of experimental atomic physics. As a member of the American Association of Physics Teachers and the American Physical Society, Mr. Berryman participates regularly in undergraduate science teaching reform projects. He has been a state representative since 1996, in a nation wide effort to develop a physics teachers' network, TCY21, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. He is a co-Principal Investigator on a NSF-ILI Grant in Astronomy and a recipient of the Barnett Faculty Endowment.

Jon Saken Dr. Jon Saken

Holds a BS in Physics from M.I.T. He received both M.S. and Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the University of Colorado. Thesis: Energetic Bubbles in the Interstellar Medium. Research involved IRAS and IUE studies of supernova remnants and supershells, as well as models of the effects of non-sequential star formation in OB associations on the growth of supershells. He also worked on a database of IUE spectra of active galactic nuclei. After receiving his Doctoral, Dr. Saken participated in the Space Telescope Science Institute ROSAT studies of supernova remnants and was the Co-Coordinator for the "Students hands-On Physics" (SHOP) program, an all volunteer program bringing experiential physics to students at Baltimore's largest middle-school. Today, Dr. Saken is a Physics and Astronomy instructor at PBCC and teaches at Suncoast high school in Riviera Beach. He is a co-Principal Investigator on a NSF-ILI Grant in Astronomy and a recipient of a PBCC S & PD Astronomy Grant.

Robert Raye Robert Raye

Is a full time student at both PBCC and Florida Atlantic University studying Ocean Engineering. He is no stranger to the Dean's list and his favorite subject is math (??). When he is not doing his dynamics homework, Rob likes partying with friends, listening to music (New Order, Sisters Of Mercy, Shriekback, Jamiroquai, Jeff Buckley, Nitzer Ebb, Sonic Youth, NIN, The The, etc), going online and mixing it up on the Tech 12's. Rob's also pretty good with computers and programming, in fact, he wrote and maintains this site. To find out more, visit his webpage.

Ernie Tumoszwicz Ernie Tumoszwicz

Is a student at both PBCC and FAU studying Ocean Engineering. When he's not occupied by excessive homework and school activites, Ernie enjoys spending time with his wife Amy and his family. Ernie is the second vice-president of his family's business, Galley Maid Marine, a manufacturing company. His hobbies include car audio, soccer, his red '98 VW Bug and astronomy.

Nicole Kelefas Nicole Kelefas

is a sophmore at Palm Beach Community College (PBCC). After graduating in May 1998, she will attend the University of Florida and complete her degree in enviromnental engineering. Nicole is the Vice President of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, Delta Omicron Chapter. She is very active in the honors program at PBCC and was selected to represent the college at the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference in Atlanta (1997), as well as the Florida Collegiate Honors Council Conference in Sarasota (1998). When she has free time, Nicole enjoys rock-n-roll concerts (favorite band, INXS), dancing and going out to dinner (preferably sushi) with friends.

Vanessa M. Rocka Vanessa M. Rocha

was born in the Philippines and came to the United States in August 1994. She is a second year undergraduate at Palm Beach Community College majoring in Physical Therapy and planning to transfer to University of Florida. She is an active member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and Physics Astronomy Club; she is on the Dean's List. Vanessa is not only active in school but also very involved in the community. She accomplished 1000 volunteer hours in the Physical Therapy Department of Shands and the VA Hospital both in Gainesville, Florida and other facilities. Her involvement in school and in the community helps her to meet new people and to know more about America's culture. Vanessa is also an active member of the community and she loves dancing, playing volleyball, swimming and cooking Chinese foods.

April M. Sharp April M. Sharp

Is the President of the Delta Omicron chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the International Honors Society. She is very active on campus in numerous activities, including National Issues Forums. She is a business major and plans to transfer to Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in the fall of 1998. She is currently employed at an International Investment Company in Boca Raton, as well as, the Vice President of Victory Accounting Services, Inc. She enjoys traveling, writing, astronomy, dancing and fine wine.

Eric Martinson Eric Martinson He is a student pursuing his interests in engineering, sciences, and business. He has plans to back up his major with courses cultural and physical anthropology. He is an avid outdoorsman, nascar fan, and eats jelly donuts.
Nalut Chugarnkar Nalut Chugarnkar

Is a twenty-year-old sophomore at Palm Beach Community College who is majoring in nursing. Upon graduating in May, she plans to transfer to University of Florida in the fall. She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa on her campus and is a volunteer at a local hospital. She has also volunteered for various health benefits, including the March of Dimes Walk, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, and the American Heart Walk. She was born in Bangkok, Thailand but has lived in Florida all of her life. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and rollarblading.

Jeff Day Jeff Day

Is currently in his 5th semester at PBCC where he studies Computer Information Systems and Networking. His GPA is 4.0 and he is on the Presidents Academic Honors List. He plans to get a CNE and AS in computer science, then go to Florida Atlantic University (FAU) for Hebrew Studies. He is currently a working musician, writer, martial arts instructor, computer tech, body guard, and student (whew!). He has strong interests in Cosmology.

Luis Salas Luis Salas

19, is a Computer Science-Systems major currently attending Palm Beach Community College. After he graduates PBCC in May 1998, he will transfer to a 4-year university to obtain a bachelor's degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering. Aside from being a member of the Astronomy and Physics Club and the PBCC Eclipse Chasers(r), he is an active member of the Alpha Gamma Sigma chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (International Honors Society), and is also heavily involved with the Honor's Program at PBCC. He was chosen to represent PBCC at both the National and Florida Collegiate Honors Council Conferences, in Atlanta, GA (1997) and Sarasota, FL (1998) respectively. He is also on the PBCC Brain Bowl Team and the PBCC Math Olympics Team. During his spare time, he enjoys watching and playing Ice Hockey.

Joe Dupuis Joe Dupuis

Is a student at PBCC majoring in physics. He works full time at the South Florida Blood Bank in the component lab. He earned an associates degree in music from PBCC (1994?) and still enjoys playing music as a hobby.